Jean Toussaint's 11th CD release. Released on 18/05/18 LYTE Records LR040. CDs available from  Also available on iTunes, Amazon and signed CDs directly from Jean Toussaint on PayPal with the following email link.

Jean Toussaint 11th CD released on 18/06/18 on LYTE Records

Sunday Times Top 10 jazz album of 2018

Jazzwize Top 20 jazz album of 2018

Available to download on iTunes and Amazon. Signed CDs available directly from Jean Toussaint on PayPal for £10 per unit + £2.50 p&p UK, £3.50 elsewhere.









Tate Song

The tenth album ‘Tate Song’ (ft. Andrew McCormack, Larry Bartley and Troy Miller) is out now on LYTE Records


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